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Security course/training for Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford and nearby cities.

About Basic Security Training – BST Course

The Basic Security Training (BST)  course is broken down into five (5) modules and is intended to instill course participants with knowledge and skill sets in the following areas:

  • Professionalism & Ethics
  • Legal Studies
  • Report Writing
  • Tactical Communication
  • Personal Safety and Use of Force Theory


Basic Security Training (BST) is the mandatory training course required for individuals looking to work as a Security Professional in BC.

Our in-class BST course includes digital presentations, practical scenarios, and first hand experiences, ensuring students are fully prepared to work as a Security Professional.

BC Security Guard Training Course Outline

Introduction to the Course

  • Express expectations of the course.
  • State the course goal.
  • List the course objectives.

Introduction to Private Security

  • Define “professional” and explain the standards of professional conduct for security professionals (SPs).
  • Define “ethics” and explain its importance in the security profession.
  • Give examples of ethical and unethical behavior on the part of SPs.
  • Define “customer service” and explain its importance in the security profession.
  • Describe the difference between private security and the police.
  • List the types of jobs that SPs could do.
  • List the basic duties of SPs.
  • List the types of incidents to which SPs might have to respond.
  • Explain the basic steps in responding to incidents.
  • Explain the guidelines for incident scene protection.
  • Describe the role of emergency services and regulatory agencies.
  • Explain the authority of emergency services and regulatory agency personnel on private property.

Legal Issues

  • Define “law” and state the function of law.
  • List the federal and provincial laws that provide a legal framework for SP duties and powers.
  • Explain the purpose of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Explain the SP’s responsibilities and limitations under the Charter.
  • Explain the impact of human rights legislation on the SP’s performance of his or her duties.
  • Define key terms used in reference to criminal offenses.
  • Identify the essential elements of common offenses.
  • Explain the provisions of the Security Services Act and Security Services
  • Regulation that has a direct impact on SPs.
  • Identify other legislation that has a direct impact on SPs.
  • Describe the SP’s powers and limitations under the law.


  • Explain the benefits of an SP’s notebook.
  • Explain the guidelines for effective note-taking.
  • State the rules for maintaining a notebook.
  • List the parties who may access an SP’s notebook.
  • Explain how an SP’s notebook may be used in court.
  • Write effective notes about an incident.
  • Explain the purpose of a report.
  • List the instances when a report must be written.
  • Describe the characteristics of an effective report.
  • Describe the report-writing process.
  • Write an effective report.

Personal Safety

  • Define “safety.”
  • Describe the elements of a safe interview stance.
  • Describe the various relative positions that could be used in an encounter.
  • Explain the importance of continuous assessment.
  • Define “tactical communication.”
  • State the goal and benefits of tactical communication.
  • Explain how tactical communication fits in the National Use of Force Model.
  • Apply three major tactical communication strategies.
  • Describe the desired outcome of tactical communication.
  • List personal safety strategies.


Once participants have completed their in-class course, they are eligible to take the final exam. A minimum grade of 60% must be achieved on the exam in order to receive your Certificate of Training Completion. 

Students are required to write their first final exam attempt within one year of finishing the theory course. Students can write the exam as many times as required to achieve successful completion. Each re-write is subject to an exam fee.




Virtual Proctored Exams are now available for students that have completed their training at Mainland Safety Training Company. 

Mainland safety training company will send all the required details to the Justice Institute of British Columbia to arrange an online exam.

All students MUST be prepared with the following prior to the exam date!

  • Access to a computer (a tablet will not work)
  • Google Chrome with the Proctorio Chrome extension installed (*Click on the links to install) you can confirm The Proctorio Extension is installed when the blue button says “Remove from Chrome” – No need to do anything further with this.
  • Microphone (internal or external) 
  • Webcam (320×240 VGA minimum)
  • Minimum bandwidth of 0.244 Mbps (0.664 Mbps recommended) (Wired connection recommended)
  • Free disk space of 250MB & Free RAM of 2 GB
  • For additional help with setup please visit

Please note: This setup must be completed prior to your exam day.

*** Students will be monitored for integrity during their exams.

Any indicators of cheating such as looking at or referring to resources, talking, or moving away from their screen will delay or prevent Certification. All exams are reviewed before Certificate release. Please refer to JIBC’s Student Conduct Policy.

Exam booking details

Please see the link below for the available Exam dates for BST certification.

You can book your exam online and you will receive an email from JIBC confirming your exam booking details

Course fee

In-person instruction fee including book and all learning materials – $ 159.00 (Please pay online prior to booking your course

  • JIBC exam fee- $58.36 (Pay online when you book your online exam)
  • ingerprint fee – $ 83 9 (Mainland safety can arrange fingerprints for a participant)
  • 1-year security license fee – $ 120 (Which you will pay to the Ministry of Justice)

Link to apply for a license- 

Please contact Mainland safety training company at 604 617 0211 for more details.