Train the fit tester

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This course prepares students to manage a respiratory program in the workplace.

Students will participate in classroom lectures as well as hands-on practice with various respiratory systems. Each person will be fit tested and assessed for proficiency.

We teach workers to understand the requirements of the Regulation, Act, and CSA standards for conducting respirator fit checks on workers. This involves knowing roles and duties, what is necessary in a respiratory program, and the primary causes of respiratory dangers. We will also discuss the many types of respirators, care, maintenance, and storage, as well as the distinction between filters and cartridges. Participants must show the procedure of a fit test and successfully finish an exam.

Course Length

The duration of the fit test training course is 4.5 hours.



Course Content

  • Know how to use the OHS Regulation and the WC Act to access health and safety requirements;
  • Learn each component of the Respiratory Program based on CSA Z94.4-02 requirements;
  • Understand the basics sources of respiratory hazards;
  • Understand when a respirator is required and the type of respirator needed;
  • Know how to choose the appropriate equipment including filters and cartridges;
  • Perform fit tests on various types of respirators;
  • Perform seal checks before each use;
  • Care and maintenance of respirators; and
  • Learn how to set up a documentation process for the program.




$145.00 per person plus GST (all course material included)