Occupational First Aid Level 1 Course at Mainland Safety Training Company in Surrey

Mainland Safety, a reputable safety training company based in Surrey, takes pride in offering comprehensive training for Occupational First Aid Level 1 (OFA Level 1) or its equivalent. This hands-on workplace first aid course is designed to equip participants with essential skills to respond effectively to common and life-threatening workplace emergencies. Recognized by WorkSafeBC, the Occupational First Aid Level 1 program at Mainland Safety is a crucial step toward ensuring a safer work environment.

Course Overview:

The OFA Level 1 course spans a full day, with a total duration of 8 hours. This comprehensive program covers a range of critical topics, providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle emergencies with confidence.

Course Content:

  1. Conducting a Scene Assessment: Learn to assess the situation and prioritize actions in an emergency.
  2. Activating the Worksite Emergency Plan: Understand the importance of an organized emergency response.
  3. Maintaining Support of the Head and Neck: Ensure proper care to minimize the risk of additional injuries.
  4. Opening and Maintaining the Airway: Learn techniques to manage and maintain a clear airway.
  5. Assessing for Breathing: Understand how to assess and support breathing in emergency situations.
  6. Clearing an Obstructed Airway: Techniques for dealing with airway obstructions.
  7. Breathing for a Worker with a Pocket Mask: Practical application of breathing assistance.
  8. Performing CPR and AED: Master life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques.
  9. Assessing Skin Condition – Recognizing Shock: Identify and respond to signs of shock in an injured individual.
  10. Conducting an RBS (Rapid Body Survey): Efficiently evaluate a casualty for injuries.
  11. Controlling Bleeding: Learn effective methods to control and manage bleeding.


Upon successful completion of the course, including a written exam and practical skills demonstration, participants receive a permanent wallet certificate. This certification, authorized by WorkSafeBC, is valid for three years.


Participants receive a comprehensive set of materials, including the WorkSafeBC Occupational First Aid Level 1 Participant Guide in hard copy. The resources provided ensure that participants have the necessary references for future use.

Training Locations:

Mainland Safety offers training at multiple locations for the convenience of participants:

  • Delta (Main): #308 800 Carleton Ct Delta, British Columbia V3M 3M1
  • Surrey: 9547 – 152nd St., Surrey BC V3R 5Y5 (Suite B105 – Upstairs of Dhut Pizza)
  • Cloverdale: 260-17667 65A Ave Surrey BC V3S1Z8
  • Chilliwack: 46004 Fifth Ave, Chilliwack V2P 1M7
  • Abbotsford: 102 – 32868 Ventura Ave Abbotsford V2S 6J3
  • Kelowna: 203-207 Rutland Road, N Kelowna, British Columbia V1X3B1
  • West Kelowna: 2424 Last Rd, West Kelowna, BC V4T 1K7

In a nutshell

Mainland Safety’s Occupational First Aid Level 1 course is a valuable investment for individuals looking to enhance their workplace safety skills. The hands-on training, expert instructors, and recognized certification make it an excellent addition to any resume, ensuring participants are well-prepared to respond to emergencies in a variety of workplace settings.