WorkSafeBC Occupational First Aid Level 1

The WorkSafeBC Occupational First Aid Level 1 course is an 8-hour program, including coffee and lunch breaks. In order to be successful, candidates must demonstrate practical skill competency, achieve a minimum of 70% on a multiple choice exam and attend the full course. On successful completion of the course, participants receive a 3-year certification.

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How long is the course?

The course is 8 hours in length and is normally completed within 1 day.

How much does the course cost?

The course costs $105 plus GST

Does the Red Cross offer occupational first aid courses?

Yes, the Red Cross has a OFA program that certifies candidates with a equivalent award.

Will I learn CPR in OFA level 1?

Yes, CPR training is part of the curriculum.


What you will learn

  • Priority Action Approach
  • Primary Survey – Conscious patient / Unconscious patient
  • Cervical spine control
  • Airway and Breathing interventions
  • Haemorrhage control
  • One person CPR
  • Minor injuries which require medical aid
  • Management of soft tissue injuries
  • Records and reports

Course Prerequisites

Must be at least 16 years of age and be physically able to perform all of the First Aid tasks required to complete the learning tasks. Personal identification is required prior to the Occupational First Aid Attendant certification. No experience is necessary.

Course Details And Timings (Modules )

Module 1

DiscussionClassroom Introduction And Management
DiscussionRoles And Responsibility
DiscussionBarriers To Communication
Intro/VideoHow The Body Works
Discussion/VideoPriority Action Approach (Paa)
Video/Demo 1-01Primary Survey Response Worker
Practice 1-01Primary Survey Response Worker
Video/Demo 1-02Reposition An Injured Worker
Practice 1-02Reposition An Injured Worker
Demo 1-03Primary Survey Unresponsive Worker
Practice 1-03Primary Survey Unresponsive Worker
Video/Demo 1-04Reposition An Injured Worker
Practice 1-04Reposition An Injured Worker
DiscussionPriority Action Approach Walk-In Worker
Video/Demo 1-05Priority Action Approach To The Walking Worker
Practice 1-05Priority Action Approach To The Walking Worker
Demo 1-06Priority Action Approach Walk-In Worker Laceration
Practice 1-06Priority Action Approach Walk-In Worker Laceration
DiscussionWounds Referred To Medical Aid
VideoShoulder Strain
VideoBack Strain

Module 2

DiscussionAirway And Breathing Emergencies
Instructor Demo 2-01Partial Airway Obstruction-Responsive Worker
Practice 2-01Partial Airway Obstruction-Responsive Worker
Instructor Demo 2-02Complete Airway Obstruction-Responsive Worker
Practice 2-02Complete Airway Obstruction-Responsive Worker
DiscussionCirculatory System
VideoChest Pain
DiscussionUnresponsive Worker
Skill Only Practice 2-03Ventilating A Mannequin With A Pocket Mask
Instructor Demo 2-04Cpr Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest
Practice 2-04Cpr Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest
Instructor Demo 2-05Cpr Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest With Aed
Practice 2-05Cpr Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest With Aed
DiscussionMedical Conditions

Module 3

Lecture/DiscussionShock And Bleeding
Instructor Demo 3-01Internal Bleeding- Unresponsive Laying Face Up
Practice 3-01Internal Bleeding- Unresponsive Laying Face Up
Guided Practice 3-02Loop Tie/ Pressure Bandage/ Elastic Velcro Strap
Lecture/DiscussionMedical Conditions
Module 4
Review LessonPractical Scenarios
Module 5
Written Test25 Mcq
Wrap UpIssue Certificates To Successful Students



Certificates accepted in B.C.

The first aid certificates shown here are accepted in B.C. workplaces. These examples should help you determine if a worker has proper certification to be a first aid attendant. Certificates are listed in alphabetical order according to the name of the issuing agency (in other words, from A to Z).


OFA Level 1 and Equivalencies